Please click on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or John McCain to read the sleeping dreams people were having of the politicians during the 2008 primary season.

In early February of 2008, my friend Margaux Williamson emailed me a dream she'd had about Hillary Clinton. Her email went like this:

I had a dream that Hillary Clinton was trying to seduce me, and it worked a little. I was thinking, she's never looked more beautiful. her eyes shining in the light. eventually, we went shopping for Tupperware.

After reading this, I realised that people all over America must be having dreams about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and I wanted to create a website that would collect them. At the time, nobody knew which one would win the Democratic Primaries. Everyone was excited about this landmark moment when either a black man or woman might become president.

After months of reading the dreams (I received hundreds) it was obvious to me that Barack Obama would win. People had very positive associations with him on a subconscious level, and many negative associations about Hillary Clinton.

These blogs receieved a great deal of press, and a number of readers wrote in asking that I create a third blog to compile dreams of John McCain. I obliged.

I edited the dreams slightly for clarity and lenth.

I hope you enjoy the dreams.

Sheila Heti