Publisher's Weekly: "In this subtle existential meditation, Heti imagines a dreamlike landscape in which big questions are gently asked, and just as gently answered. Humor lightens the proceedings... but the horse's search for meaning is at the center of Heti's message: everything in the world, whether animate or inanimate, has purpose, created to bring joy to someone or something else. ... Rojas's animals, with their guarded expressions and stylized postures, have the static quality of folk art, yet the overall sensibility is fresh, even futuristic. ... All ages." ...more

The San Francisco Chronicle: "This meditation on connectedness and one's purpose has a low-key Zen (or Samuel Beckett?) flavor that is somehow comforting and fun to follow, while being elliptical." ...more

Design Mom: "It’s not a long story, but there’s so much to look at in the gorgeous illustrations of Clare Rojas, that it’s still a book to linger over. It feels like a good bedtime story to me..." ...more

My Four Monkeys: "[It's] a gentle and insightful tale about the horse’s quest for answers to life’s toughest question – What is our purpose? This topic is explored in a gentle and tender way for children, and the beautiful paintings are a treat. As an added bonus, the book’s jacket is reversible, and unfolds into a large square poster featuring Rojas’s quietly majestic artwork." ...more

Patheos: "This is not a children's book for the faint of heart, or for those who don't like metaphor. And it's totally weird. But I secretly loved it." ...more

Kotoa: "The story teaches children to ask significant questions and to know they are needed and loved." ...more